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Mary A. Trankel, Ph.D., began providing research and data analysis consulting services in 1986 as Trankel Research & Analysis. In this capacity she conducted several major research and program evaluation projects throughout the states of Montana and Idaho. In order to simultaneously track data from 56 non-profit organizations and quickly provide analytical reports on a monthly basis, she taught herself relational database development skills. She then created personalized database reporting systems and training materials for her clients, and provided technical assistance in the use of these systems. In 2000 she began focusing her analytic abilities and web design talents within the field of information technology, incorporating as Web Transformations LLC. An extensive list of research and web development projects is included in her online resume.

For a period of 9 months Mary Trankel contracted to provide full-time information technology research services for an international organization in the education field. At the end of that contract period she accepted a temporary position at the United States Forest Service in order to gain valuable information technology experience within an enterprise-level environment. During her term as Webmaster, she created static Web sites using Dreamweaver and text editor programs such as Macromedia HomeSite, developed database systems using Access and Oracle databases, and created dynamic database-driven Web sites using PHP and ColdFusion. She also created and maintained data-driven Web pages that pulled information from database content exported into text files. Mary developed a large number of pilot projects for the Washington D.C. office and the Technology & Development Centers at Missoula, Montana and San Dimas, California, as well as Web applications that were funded jointly by multiple federal agencies. As a result, she earned five monetary extra-effort awards within a period of five years.

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