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Demos of Selected Products

Explore these demonstration samples to learn how we can meet your electronic media needs.

eLearning / Training Materials

Whether we develop your training materials as hard-copy technical documents or electronic deployment systems, we employ our professional knowledge of instructional systems design (ISD) techniques, the ADDIE system of training development, ARCS motivational guidelines, differences in learning styles, and principles of adult learning theory to create training tools that are truly effective in meeting your organization's educational goals and objectives.

We can create full-length video productions—from filming and editing through final deployment on the electronic medium of your choice (e.g., DVD, CD, streaming media file for use on a Web site). Or we can create instructional materials with Adobe Flash, Captivate, OutStart (EEDO) ForceTen, OutStart Trainer PowerPoint, or the learning content management system (LCMS) of your choice.

DVDs and Web Videos

We create high-definition training materials that can be distributed on DVDs for use on a television or computer. We also create lower-resolution versions of the same training information that can be deployed for efficient streaming across an Internet connection. Click an image below to view a sample kickboxing training video or a movie trailer.

You will need Flash Player version 8 or above to view these movies. You can download the free Flash Player if necessary.

Software Simulations

DanceMaster Software Program for Dance InstructorsSoftware simulations can be created to effectively demonstrate and explain the functionality of any online content. Examples below were created for a software program used by dance instructors to play music and display choreography cue cards.

Flash Animations

You will need Flash Player version 8 or above to view these animations. You can download the free Flash Player if necessary.

Wicked Lix - click image to start slideshowWe can create slideshows from your favorite photos. The example on the left shows MTV movie stars sampling a product called WickedLix Fruit Shooterz™. Photos are cross-faded from one photo into the next for a transition effect, and background music adds a feeling of excitement and atmosphere.

Buttons are included to mute the sound and stop or replay the Flash video.

Nokkem - click image to start Flash animationWe can create animations with text or graphic objects to simulate movement. In the example shown on the left, we isolated the blue ball and the letters of the logo in order to simulate the action of a ball moving onscreen from inside the letter "O", then knocking into the letters to scatter them off the page.

We can also mix audio and video clips to create a full-featured movie production such as the book trailer for Little Wolf's Adventure (shown below). This book trailer was produced to help market a book in the same manner that a movie trailer is used to promote a new movie.

Little Wolf's Adventure - click image to start Flash demo

Flash productions can be as simple or elaborate as you choose to make them. Using the Flash program we can create many interesting animations that would engage a learning audience by allowing them to interact with an object. Click the character image below on the left to start the Flash animation—then click the Eyes, Mouth, and Hair buttons to see what happens.

Drawing of a face - click to start Flash animation

We can create sideshows for that special occasion—a graduation, wedding, anniversary, special event, or a memorial for a loved one. Two examples are shown below. We can also include movie clips within a slide show, as well as other effects such as picture-inside-a-picture.

Click either image below to view a sample slide show. Please note that these videos have been produced in medium quality for ease of viewing on the Web. We create our DVD versions in high quality for beautiful rendition on large or high-definition TV screens.

Screenshot of video
8th Grade Graduation—Male
[2 min, 52 sec]


Slide shows with Audio Narration

The following demo—Quality Digital Photos: Process & Print Techniques, was created with Adobe Captivate software. We originally developed this content as a set of PowerPoint slides designed to accompany a live presentation at a training seminar. We have added a short script to convert this information into a self-paced instructional training module that plays online as a Flash video. This demo illustrates the following capabilities available in the Adobe Captivate training development software:

Audio Recording & Editing

We have quality sound recording and computer equipment for creating specialty audio products such as "voiceovers" and sound tracks for videos. For example, we created a short voiceover recording and combined it with a short sound track to create the audio accompaniment for use in a client's bodybuilding routine. We recorded the voice-over narration for several of these sample projects. [Audio preview recorded for a client]

Contact us with your ideas to see what we can do to assist you with your project. There is no charge for an initial consultation to determine whether our services and fees are appropriate for your needs.


Photo Scanning & Image Improvement

Collage of photos We can scan hard copies of photos or documents and save them in any format you choose (e.g., JPG, TIF, PDF), or create back-up copies of your photos on an external hard drive.

We can also edit and modify photos in creative ways, and develop related products such as brochures, greeting cards, flyers, booklets, and sideshows for special occasions such as graduations, special events, and memorials.

Content Management Systems

After we create your web site, you can update it yourself if we create an easy-to-use content management interface. You can perform simple functions such as adding, editing, or deleting text and images in order to immediately revise the content on your web site. We have created a short instructional demo to illustrate how this process works.


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